Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The last two weeks condensed. and la dee da...

Sheesh! Been a busy two weeks. I'll try to condense it all in one post---

Cranberry Blossom Fest went very well this year. We've been breaking heat records here- I don't need that, I'm in that season of my life where I make my own heat- thank you very much- wish we'd have gotten that pool up...   maybe next year...

Anyway- The Fest started out Thursday night with Movie Under the Stars, closing off Grand Avenue to bring in the semi to show the flick on.

 This year it was our favorite "Park dwelling bear and his bud".

Friday was June Dairy Breakfast, so Simone and I got up and headed to the High School for all you can eat pancakes, sausage, juice, chocolate milk, cheese curds, sweetened dried cranberries- (courtesy of my hubby's workplace), and an ice cream sundae.  I don't know where she put it, 'cuz I took the curds, milk and sundae home for a snack later. Well worth the 6 bucks.
Saturday was the Craft and Art Show. Sun stayed hidden most of the day, and the little smidgen of a shower was a great relief. Ended up with a two sided exposure this year, so that made for a quick "reconfigure the set-up in case it rains". Thanks to the hubby for driving in to help set up, as I flew solo that day, Simone had plans.
 Did manage to get a piece done that I've been meaning to get at for over a year, along with some earrings, anklets and a couple of necklaces and sets. 

Overall it was a good day, and I did very well in sales. Here's a close up of the set up. Mainly for my own personal file, as thanks to that "season", another thing I've noticed is the brain just doesn't remember things as it should. 

Sunday we went to the lake with the boat.

Grandbebe came with my son and his wife.

              The "Happy-Go-Lucky" Skipper-

  -the carefree teenager-

 -and the "sit between mom and dad/wish I'd have brought my sunglasses"  youngster.

Week Two: Tuesday I went to a garage sale and nabbed these:

 I almost don't want to tear this apart, it's so cool.

Then we some "hallucination" issues with my elderly mom in law, that sent the family in a tailspin to the end of the week We spent the week and w/e getting her back on track, and I think she's ok now.

Friday, Monie and I did the Rome Farmer's Market/Craft Show.

with a new "temp tent", that fought us tooth and nail. Thanks to the people next to us, we won. 
The people on the other side of us make these funky bird feeders out of old teapots, (talking brass and "tea" service type), and I was tempted to get one. Then this baby caught my eye: 
notice even the platter is fish shaped. It will go awesome in my whimsical garden along with my catch from the Waupaca Strawberry Fest earlier in June: 
Some guy from Florida makes them from coconut shells. Most of them had two eyes and a cute mouth. I picked the one with the attitude.  Monie did well for her first 5 hour outside show, as long as she had her Nintendo DS.

OK. That catches me up to date. I think I need to "schedule" myself to post. Up next:  Waiting for my Bead Soup Swap.

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