Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Received my Bead Soup !

This is the beautiful "Bead Soup" I received from my Bead Swap partner, Terri Gauthier.  It contains 3 styles of tibetan clay beads, ceramic birds, leather cord, heart focal, metal charms, Tierra Cast toggle, fish lobster claw, (it's SO cute!), pewter button, twisted glass, czech glass, lampwork, porcelain, white jade and round glass beads. I already have two pieces made and can't wait to get at more. Thank you so much Terri. Reveal on the 15th of April.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shennanigans in the front yard...

The shrub de barker...

 The only righteous one...

Yes I'm waiting because...

 If I'm vewy vewy qwuiet...

Wait for it...

Did I hear something? Nevermind...

ACK! Pulled a groin muscle...


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It has been a very eventful 6 months...

 hubby and I both dealt with our moms with issues starting in the fall, anything from dementia, moving in with her for a week, moving her to Alaska, hoarding, congestive heart failure, stroke, infection and cancer. 

*He lost his mom in early December.*

At Christmas, we did our first annual "Ugly Sweater Christmas"

 mainly supplied by some of my mom's gazillion sweaters that we found while dehoarding. 

Speaking of cleaning, my dad, who has been gone for 23 years decided to leave  a little of his personality behind, because I found this on a box while cleaning his side of the closet out:
Thanks Dad ♥

 Added grandbaby #2 in early January. Little boy. Well not really little, darn near 10# and 22".

*Followed by my mom's death  8 days later.*

So needless to say, it has a very eventful ride these last few months, and now we of course are dealing with estate issues. 

Both of us. At the same time. oh yes. 

In February, my youngest daughter and I decided to enter a "Pinewood Derby"  family event at church. Just for the BLING aspect, of course. Purple and bling, what do you expect from a jewelry designer???

So with all that~things have been on hiatus as far as the studio. 
But~ now with the Bead Soup Blog Party 


the Art Glass and Bead Show in Madison
 agab header

 and three shows coming up in the next 2 mos, we're jump starting the new beading year.  ☺ 
 And I'm back in the swing of things. 
More to come.